We welcome you to our unique piece of paradise, nature's perfect balance of beauty and tranquility, whose heritage and charm has been preserved.
For more than 50 years and 3 generations we have been at your service, assisting you, our guests, in your discovery of the extraordinary wealth of our surroundings.

The Mont-Blanc invites you...

camping4etoiles-gdto come to the “Dômes de Miage” and be pleasantly surprised.
We guarantee to personally offer you a warm and friendly welcome

Relish being in such a unique position, a genuinely privileged spot, where nature surrounds you.

It is in this manner that you’ll appreciate the gentle pleasures of life here, by being here.





Certificat d'excellence TripAdvisor 2015

Print Logo COE2015 FRFélicitations, Camping Les Domes de Miage !

TripAdvisor a le plaisir de décerner à "Camping Les Domes de Miage" le Certificat d'Excellence 2015.
Cette récompense est le fruit de vos avis élogieux régulièrement publiés par les voyageurs TripAdvisor.

Marc Charron
Président de TripAdvisor for Business



1828-logo You can visit the Chalet of Charme Le 1828.



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